Summary of Crime Scene Reconstruction Report

Larry McCann conducted a blind two-stage analysis, first considering only the forensic and crime scene evidence, and then also considering the confessions and profiles of Williams, Tice, Dick, Ballard, and Wilson.  In the first stage, McCann concluded that only one person raped, stabbed, and strangled Michelle Bosko.  In the second stage, McCann concluded that dozens of key “facts” in the confessions of Williams, Tice, Dick, and Wilson were inconsistent with the evidence, and that those men were not involved.

Ultimately, McCann concluded that “[s]tatements made by Ballard to police investigators are consistent with the physical evidence found at the crime scene and found during the victim’s autopsy.” By contrast, McCann concluded:

Williams, Tice, Dick, and Wilson are in this case only because they included themselves by confession.  There is no physical evidence linking them to the scene, their statements were directly contradictory to the physical evidence found at the scene, their statements are contrary to the victim’s injuries and condition found at autopsy, and their statements are often implausible and changing.

Read the full Larry McCann Crime Scene Reconstruction Report (PDF).


The expert, retired Virginia State Police officer Larry McCann, has 29 years of law enforcement experience, including 26 years with the Virginia State Police and a year as a fellow at the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.  McCann has been involved in the investigation of over 2,000 homicides.  He is now an expert consultant with the Academy Group, Inc., a forensic behavioral science consulting firm. 

  • McCann’s Affidavit

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